Galactic Tanks


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Galactic tanks it’s my first iphone game. I was looking for something new and cool so I decided to write a game “tanks”, but in space where the gravitation it’s most important. I was working about three months. I had had some experience with programming before (including opengl) but objective-c and especially apple world was something new from me. Though many problems I’ve succesfully finished my game. I hope it will pass the approval process. I’m planning some updates in the future which will include some extras.
It’s a strategy game. You must think about your strategy, think how to defeat your enemy. There are many ways to send a missile to hit his tank. But be carefull. Consider about the trajectory. Gravitation can be your ally or not. Especially you must think about the black holes which gravitation is very strong.
To fight against computer or your friend you can use nuke, plasma bolt and laser which avoids gravitation effect. In addition teleport, shield or… self destruction. I hope I will add some extra weapons in close future.



  1. I knew that you are clever and gifted, but I am very impressed!!! Best wishes and we’re waiting for your next games!!!

  2. okay.. but the original was done by (SPACE TANKS 😉

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